Meet The Staff

Meet the heart and soul of Emerge, our staff! These are the hard-working individuals who run our recovery programs, mentorship, administration, and much more. Learn more about our team members below.

Emerge Team

Becki Bickett

Becki Bickett

Billing & Coding Supervisor

Elaine Bonner, Director of Philanthropy

Elaine Bonner

Director of Philanthropy

Alicia Cormier, LPCC Corporate Compliance

Alicia Cormier

Corporate Compliance

Doris Edelmann, Emancipation Director

Doris Edelmann

Director of Emancipation

Doris Jones, Executive Administrator

Doris Jones

Executive Administrator

Debbie Paris, Administrative Assistant

Debbie Paris

Administrative Assistant

Clinical Team


Peer Recovery Supporter


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Nathan Crago, Clinical Director

Nathan Crago

Clinical Director


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Dustin Fields, LSW Counselor

Dustin Fields

Outpatient Counselor

Carah Gatchie, LSW Corporate Compliance

Carah Gatchie

Outpatient Counselor

Lucas Gully, LDCDIII Outpatient Counselor

Lucas Gulley

Outpatient Counselor

Jacob Shelley, Case Manager

Kennedy Harris

Clinical Support Specialist

Jeffrey Moore, Men’s Housing Manager

Jeffrey Moore

Men’s Housing Manager

Jacob Shelley, Case Manager

Jacob Shelley

Case Manager

Melissa Adams, Peer Recovery Support

Melissa Shelley

Peer Recovery Support