Career Training Opportunities

Learn a Skilled Trade While Becoming a Better You.

At Emerge, we believe in second chances. We believe our mistakes do not define who we must be forever. We offer a chance to grow, and learn  through our certified programming and partnerships with successful, local companies who offer internships while learning and employment opportunities after program completion.

Learn a Trade at Emerge

At Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative, We are now partnering with an on-site certified trade school (The Trades Institute) with the goal of providing sustainable employment and income once participants have completed all appropriate Emerge programming.  A key part of the success of this program will be second-chance employers partnering with us to provide internships and opportunities for employment, giving our students a better chance for successful recovery.


Check out The Trades Institute, a Second Chance Partner!

Your future starts today! Discover a world of opportunities and gain valuable skills that you can apply to your dream job.  At The Trades Institute, we believe in empowering individuals like you to succeed in the trades industry.  By giving you the basics, the Trades Institute can take you from entry-level to expert.

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