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Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative

Who We Are

What Is the Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative?

Our mission is to empower people seeking recovery and aging out of foster care to rebuild their lives through transformational and vocational pathways.


The Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative is dedicated to providing individuals in our recovery programs the necessary life and work skills to establish new career paths and thrive in today’s job market. Emerge provides an ecosystem for public and private collaboration, by harnessing shared resources to create a flourishing community of opportunity. Experts in the areas of emancipation, recovery, and workforce development, will provide training and life skills education while working to eliminate substance abuse and joblessness.

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Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative

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Men’s Recovery Housing

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Outpatient Clinical Services

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2nd-Chance Vocational Pathways

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Heal, Learn, and Grow with Emerge

The Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing individuals within our programs the necessary life and work skills to establish new career paths and thrive in today’s job market.

Partner with Emerge

Men's Recovery Housing

At Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative, we currently have multi-phase recovery programs.  Emerge Men’s Recovery Housing is a safe, secure, and supportive living environment that is managed by licensed and experienced behavioral health professionals.    

Outpatient Clinic

We offer clinical services open to the whole community with doctors and nurses on-site as well as state-licensed chemical dependency counselors and peer support. We offer trauma counseling and trauma care, case management, vocational management services, mental health counseling and much more.

Vocational Pathways

We have on-site GED tutoring and testing through the Aspire program, several on-site second-chance employers, and numerous second-chance employers in the local community who are willing to hire our graduates. There is also an on-site trade school, The Trades Institute, that is offering multiple certification pathways in the skilled trades.

Recovery Programs

In-House Recovery Programs in Xenia, OH

Overcoming addiction can be a challenging journey – but you don’t have to go at it alone. We at Emerge are here for you every step of the way. We help you meet the challenges, break the barriers, and build a new, promising future in recovery.

We offer transformational recovery housing for men in recovery or currently struggling with addiction. While you progress physically and spiritually, we will train you in a trade program of your choice. Many of our programs offer internship or employment positions post-completion. We’re currently accepting people of all walks of life to join our trade and while encouraging restoration and healing.

Trade Programs

Learn a Trade Through Partner Training Programs

At Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative, We are now partnering with an on-site certified trade school (The Trades Institute) with the goal of providing sustainable employment and income once participants have completed all appropriate Emerge programming.

A key part of the success of this program will be second-chance employers partnering with us to provide internships and opportunities for employment, giving our students a better chance for successful recovery.

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