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Emerge Center | Xenia, OH

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Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative

Who We Are

What Is the Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative?

Emerge exists to encourage restoration and healing in an inclusive and compassionate environment while providing recovery, mentorship, education, and life skills opportunities.

The Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative is dedicated to providing individuals in our recovery programs the necessary life and work skills to establish new career paths and thrive in today’s job market. Emerge provides an ecosystem for public and private collaboration, by harnessing shared resources to create a flourishing community of opportunity. Experts in the areas of emancipation, recovery, and workforce development, will provide training and life skills education while working to eliminate substance abuse and joblessness.

We’re Proud to be Partners With:

Five Star Home Services
American Insurance Strategies
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Diyanni Homes
Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative

Your Future Starts at Emerge

Coming Spring of 2023

Men’s Transformational Housing

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$1.5M Capital Project Underway

Women’s Transformational Housing

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$2M Capital Project Underway

Emerge Emancipation Program

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Heal, Learn, and Grow with Emerge

The Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing individuals within our programs the necessary life and work skills to establish new career paths and thrive in today’s job market.

Partner with Emerge

Men's Transformational Housing

Men’s Transformational Housing is a faith-based men’s residential recovery program with the mission to provide hope to men in recovery by teaching them life skills and faith-based coping skills, offering them guidance and peer support.

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Emerge Emancipation Program

The Emerge Foster Emancipation Program will provide viable opportunities for self-sufficiency through trade school programming, life skills, mentorship, counseling, and supportive services. Each participant will exit the program with a certification in the skills and trade industry.


Women's Transformational Housing

Women’s Transformational Housing is an addiction recovery program that helps women struggling with addiction find freedom in recovery. Their mission is to help women break free from addiction, and become emotionally, spiritually, and financially healthy people.

Trade Programs

We are creating a certified trade school, including internships and apprenticeships with our business partners, with the goal of providing sustainable employment and income once participants have completed all appropriate Emerge programming

Recovery Programs

In-House Recovery Programs in Xenia, OH

Overcoming addiction can be a challenging journey – but you don’t have to go at it alone. We at Emerge are here for you every step of the way. We help you meet the challenges, break the barriers, and build a new, promising future in recovery.

We offer transformational housing for men and women in recovery or currently struggling with addiction. While you progress physically and spiritually, we will train you in a trade program of your choice. Many of our programs offer internship or employment positions post-completion. We’re currently accepting people of all walks of life to join our trade and while encouraging restoration and healing.

Trade Programs

Learn a Trade Through Our Career Training Programs

At Emerge, we believe in second chances. We believe that our past does not define who we must be forever. We offer a chance to grow, and learn  through our certified programming and partnerships with successful, local companies who offer internships while learning and employment opportunities after program completion.

As part of our recovery support services and emancipation programs, we are creating a certified trade school with the goal of providing sustainable employment and income once participants have completed all appropriate Emerge programming.  A key part of this program’s success will be second chance employers partnering with us to provide internships and jobs, giving our students a better chance for a successful future.

Emerge Emancipation Program

Foster Emancipation in Xenia, OH

Foster youth are provided a great opportunity for individual growth by exploring independence and life skill advancement at the Emerge Program. It is a critical window for education and training that builds a solid foundation for their future. Contact the Emerge Emancipation Program today – Your voice deserves to be heard.

If you are leaving the Ohio foster care system, or if you left already and need help, getting in touch with Emerge could be the first step towards a promising future. We can put you on a viable career path to ensure you will be able to earn an income capable of supporting yourself while also teaching you priceless life skills that will foster self-sufficiency and positively impact your future.

Campus Tour

We Encourage You to Visit Emerge!

With our centralized rural location near Xenia, Beavercreek, Yellow Springs, and Fairborn, Emerge provides the perfect atmosphere to create a new life and establish a new career path capable of supporting a family.

Our campus is 48 acres in size with around 290,000 square feet indoors. This will include several acres of parking, three large kitchens, an in-house restaurant, large dining and reception areas, a fitness center, living areas, an auditorium, dozens of classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms with a beautiful four-acre freshwater pond, and much more!

We’re currently offering campus tours for those interested in Emerge or friends and family members! Interested in scheduling an in-person visit?  We’d love to see you!

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