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Men’s Recovery Housing Update – July 2023

Jeff Moore, Men’s Housing Team Lead

As we conclude our third week of the Men’s Housing Unit being up and running we are blessed in now having 18 residents living with us.  Of those we have 11 individuals participating in our Partial Hospitalization Program in which they attend four hour classes Monday thru Friday where they are introduced to relapse prevention techniques and life skills they will be able to utilize as they continue their life journeys.  Two gentlemen are currently employed right here in Xenia.  During their stay here they have enjoyed being able to attend the Fairborn 4th of July Parade and Fireworks Display.  Upcoming events they will be present at are the Kevin Sonnycalb Memorial Fireworks in Xenia and the Run 4 Recovery 5k hosted by the Hope Spot. 

For more information on Emerge, to donate or get involved contact Elaine Bonner, Director of Philanthropy at Emerge at 937.974.6120 or visit www.emergerecoverytrade.com