Clinical Service Update, August 2023

Clinical Director, Nathan Crago, reflects on the new Men’s Recovery Housing Program and how it is going after over a month in progress!

A smile is the reward for this work to rebuild lives! “Almost every day I try to make it a point to visit the men’s recovery housing and check in with a few of the guys. Every time I do I’m reminded of why we took on this project. Every time I talk to them I hear stories of gratitude and hope and progress! They tell me about how much better they are feeling, or about the progress they are making in their recovery, or about the new relationships they have built with sponsors and mentors. Many of them are now employed and they are excited about returning to the workforce and taking these next steps in their recovery. These guys come here desperate, scared, lonely, and lost. They are not smiling when they get here…they are sad and hopeless. To see them laughing and smiling and excited about life again is priceless. I’m truly grateful to witness these miracles every day!” ~Nathan Crago, MA, LICDC, LPC, Clinical Director

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