Emerge Receives $1M from Greene County ARPA Grant

A historic day for Emerge!
Emerge Recovery and Trade Initiative was awarded a $1M grant from the American Rescue Plan funding and received full support from the Greene County Commissioners.
“All three of us are so excited about this,” Commissioner Tom Koogler said. “This could be a model for the whole country to follow. Whatever we can do to help facilitate this, we are on board. We believe in this program.”
“This coming together was like the perfect storm,” said Commissioner Rick Perales. “The whole concept is amazing. It is going to help people become productive citizens and put them to work in an industry that needs them.”
Commissioner Dick Gould, CPA said there are other communities and state politicians looking at what Emerge is doing. “With what is going on in the industry and the world, this came at a perfect time,” Gould said. “Let us know if there is more we can do to help.”
Elaine Bonner, Director of Philanthropy, shared “our team is humbled and honored to invest these funds to give healing and hope for our community,”