In-House Recovery Programs

A Brighter Future For You and Your Family.

At Emerge, we believe in second chances. We believe our mistakes do not define who we must be forever. We offer a chance restoration and healing. We have have both men’s and women’s transformational housing programs. These programs are run by highly qualified, successful rehabilitation and recovery teams.

Recovery Programs

Transformational Housing at Emerge

Finding recovery from a substance use disorder can be daunting. But the 23 million individuals in the United States who identify as “in recovery” prove that it is POSSIBLE! And the opportunity for recovery can be found at ERTI. 

From the moment you engage the Emerge Recovery Eco-System you will be treated with dignity, respect, empathy, and understanding.  Our team(s) understand the complexity of substance use disorder and are dedicated to designing an opportunity for recovery, healing, and restoration that meets each client’s unique situation and needs.

Emerge offers recovery pathways that are self-directed, holistic, and empowering, offering opportunities for sustained change and transformation through its on-campus residential programs for both men and women and its community-based recovery partnerships. And our dedicated care-coordination staff assists our clients in not only their recovery journey but also with accessing and leveraging, the one-of-its-kind vocational education and employment opportunities unique to Emerge when the time is right! 

Are you or someone you love in need of guidance, support, and motivation? Find your new home here at Emerge. Learn more about the recovery programs we have available today. Please reach out with any questions or to request more information!

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Men’s & Women’s Transformational Recovery Programs in Xenia, OH

At Emerge, our mission is to encourage restoration and healing in an inclusive and compassionate environment, while providing recovery, discipleship, education, and life skills opportunities.  We do this through evidenced-based clinical care, stable housing, a loving community, and vocational purpose.  Click a program to learn more!

Men's Recovery Services

Men’s Residential Recovery

Men's Recovery Services

Women’s Residential Recovery